Leaf Chain

Leaf and Hoisting Chains are a special type of chains. They are manufactured both in light-duty and heavy-duty versions.

They consist of a row of pins on which plates of adjacent links are put in various combinations along the whole length.

Leaf chains for sky stacker

Different Types of Leaf Chain

AL Series

The thickness and configuration of the plate are identical to ANSI rolling chain. The pin diameter is nearly identical to ANSI roller chain. AL leaf chain (manufactured in accordance with the standard of the ANSI B29.9 Standard) is made from American standard roller chain parts. AL Series chain is a lightweight chain that is suitable for light load lifting and machine tools.

LL Series

Leaf chain LL, made in accordance with ISO4347, DIN8152 and NFE26107 standards, is made from components of roller chains to European standards. Similar to AL chain, LL chain can be described as a light chain designed for lightweight load lifting applications, as well as machine tools.

BL Series

BL leaf chains are made up of link plates, which are more substantial and wider in the contour than AL Series link plates of the same pitch. Link plates are similar in thickness to the link plates for the next larger pitch that are found in ANSI chain rollers. In contrast, the link plates of the BL Series are thicker than those of the AL Series and share the same pin diameter with the ANSI G8 roller chains.

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